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cj comu | CEO’s True Role

cj comu – The ultimate objective for any CEO is to ensure maximum profits for the business – and if it’s a company, for its shareholders, specifically in the short term. Right? Wrong! While there are thousands of MBA graduates out of much-heralded universities, including the business schools at Harvard and Stanford that have been taughtContinue reading “cj comu | CEO’s True Role”

Cj comu | Is Your CEO Too Boring?

Cj comu – Is your CEO too boring for words? Is he driving your organization or holding it back? Do you want a CEO that drives innovation or one that keeps your company from it? Companies are in a constantly changing environment. From changing laws and regulations like Obama Care to new competitors or innovative newContinue reading “Cj comu | Is Your CEO Too Boring?”

CJ Comu | What CEO do?

CJ Comu — A chief executive officer (CEO) typically acts as the head of a company and reports to the board of directors. CEOs are responsible for creating and completing business strategies, introducing policies and making sure the organization reaches its goals. A CEO’s other responsibilities might include: Managing the company’s operationsOverseeing the company’s budgetWorking withContinue reading “CJ Comu | What CEO do?”

CJ Comu | Why CEOs Fail

CJ Comu – There are few who acquire the title CEO. While it requires a huge commitment and an abundance of talent and ambition, CEOs who lack effective succession plans find themselves overwhelmed and missing opportunities to build thriving enterprises. Succession plans impact so many aspects of a business that this article will not allowContinue reading “CJ Comu | Why CEOs Fail”

CJ Comu | How to Behave Like a CEO

CJ Comu | One thing I know for sure, is that the sooner a business owner begins to think like a CEO (Chief Entrepreneurial Officer), the faster their business will grow. Below are five ways you can start behaving like a CEO today! 1. Switch from the Big Picture to the Micro Picture Each DayContinue reading “CJ Comu | How to Behave Like a CEO”

CJ Comu | Top 5 Attributes of Successful CEOs

CJ Comu No matter how successful a business gets, learning remains indispensable to leadership. History tells us that those who kept their ‘fire to learn’ alive have ruled. Data made available by Harvard Business Review states that almost 60% of the companies that were industry leaders in the 1950s were still at the same spotContinue reading “CJ Comu | Top 5 Attributes of Successful CEOs”

CJ Comu | CEO Job Description

A CEO means a chief executive officer who is the show-runner of a company. He is the operational head and is accountable for all the operations of the organisation. Since he is the overall in charge, he thus holds a very important position. A CEO is also like the representative and the primary decision makerContinue reading “CJ Comu | CEO Job Description”

CJ Comu | The Leadership Role of Every CEO

The job of a CEO begins with a leadership role. The essence of your leadership role as a CEO is to make the organization effective -capable of doing the RIGHT things. An effective organization is one with the right people all occupying the right positions collectively engaged in doing the right things. That is; ‘rightContinue reading “CJ Comu | The Leadership Role of Every CEO”

cj comu | Smart Hiring for CEO

CJ Comu Smart hiring for a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an enterprise of whatever size, is extremely important to the enterprise. The CEO is the key or principal executive in a business and determines practically all things that happen to that business hence the rationale to always hire smart. He conceives, develops and ensuresContinue reading “cj comu | Smart Hiring for CEO”